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Inventory Enhancement Apps
  App Description Price

Inventory Backup Safe Haven Ability to backup and restore your inventory from up to 90 days in the past. FREE

Inventory Health Reporting Daily email report that gives the health of your inventory with photo %, vehicles with no price and/or comments, etc. FREE

API Real-Time Data Integration / NVR (NetLook Vehicle Record) API Allows for independent 3rd party providers to integrate to the NetLook API to facilitate near real-time data transfer, allowing the dealer's inventory to quickly update and improve online time-to-market. FREE

Single Inventory Import Ability to import your inventory from a single data management company. FREE

Single Inventory Export Ability to export your inventory to a single 3rd party website. FREE

Photo Overlays / Branding Statements / Photo Placards Highly effective photo marketing tools that allow you to directly engage the consumer and ensure your vehicles stand out from the competition.

Digital Background Enhancement Tool & Photo Clipping Service NetLook's expert graphics team will create highly customized digital backgrounds for any exterior vehicle photos to help your dealer's inventory stand out from the competition, while adding a professional level of branding to your online showroom!

Window Sticker & Buyer's Guide Label Ordering Click HERE to Order Exterior Window Stickers (Weatherproof) or Traditional Interior Window Stickers & Buyer's Guides Today. Click HERE For More Details and Ordering Information!

Window Sticker and Buyer's Guide Printing Unlimited custom window stickers and FTC buyer's guides for dealer-specific and CPO warranties. Optional QR codes that link to the dealer's native vehicle detail page, CARFAX vehicle highlights, and Service Code Translations.

Go2VDP Go2VDP is a technology that seamlessly creates backlinks that drive online shoppers from vehicle listings directly onto the dealer's native website VDPs, WITHOUT any 3rd Party redirects or interference!

VehicleTell HD Media Player A "Real-Time" hi-res media player that displays Full-HD vehicle Photos, live Video walkarounds, and 360° Spins (exterior and interior) that seamlessly integrates with dealer YouTube channels, native dealer website VDPs, and 3rd party listings.

Inventory Web Display Offers the dealer an instant platform to advertise their inventory in "real time" to consumers whether they are on a desktop/laptop computer, mobile device or tablet. The consumer can search the vehicles with a number of search criteria options.

SEO Sticky Basic (Automatically Applied to Inventory Listings) The SEO Sticky tool allows for private label search optimization available by implementing on NetLook inventory display pages and organically maximizing results on all search engines. FREE

SEO Sticky (Advanced Version) The SEO Sticky tool allows for private label search optimization available by implementing on NetLook inventory display pages and organically maximizing results on all search engines by customizing your SEO Sticky settings.

Unlimited Inventory Imports & DMS Polling The Smart DMS Polling & Imports application offers the dealer the ability to manage one system by pulling inventory information (data/photos) from the dealer management system (DMS), from 3rd Party sources, or a combination of both.

Unlimited Inventory Exports The Multi-Exports to 3rd Parties application allows NetLook to digitally update the dealer’s inventory on 3rd party websites by exporting your data and photos multiple times a day.

VIN Decoding: Chrome Data Quickly decode your inventory using Chrome Data to get the detailed vehicle attributes. Also includes our option code wizard that automatically matches up with the option codes that are coming in from the inventory import.

VIN Decoding: Premium Preowned Provides marketing-rich data for used car inventory. Offers detailed information to consumers seeking to make informed purchasing decisions while on the lot. Includes vehicle-specific Reviews & Awards from a wide variety of research sources.

Custom Comment Generator Pro Custom Comment Builder is a tool that is used to automatically add custom comments, temporary comments, or default comments to an individual vehicle or your entire inventory instantaneously.

Be-Back Brochure Printing The Be-Back Brochure is a powerful sales tool designed to market a vehicle to the modern consumer that is constantly on the move. This one-page color handout contains photos, QR codes, vehicle information and price options.

Web-to-Print Utility The Web-To-Print application enables the user to seamlessly create rich and concise print media advertising converted from online dealer inventories.

DIY (In-House) All-Inclusive Bundle This gives do-it-yourself dealers access to ALL of the current Free and Paid NetLook Apps, including both NEW & USED inventories. $349.00 / Month
Lot Service Provider, Process Improvement Apps
  App Description Price

Independent Field Service Enterprises (IFSE) / Lot Service Providers This gives an independent Lot Service Provider access to ALL current Free & Paid NetLook Apps, inclusive for both NEW & USED dealer inventories.

Batch Photo Uploading Utility The leading vehicle photo & video uploading utility in the industry that allows users of the NetLook ILM to quickly "batch" upload all media in one session versus manually uploading for each vehicle. FREE

NetLook CloudSync App An Android application that allows photographers to seamlessly upload photos on the go in real-time via a smartphone or tablet camera. FREE

Photo Status Communication Tool Allows Lot Service Providers to efficiently manage inventory merchandising by creating a history log and timeline that communicates to the dealer as to the status of each active unit and its location and daily updates for vehicles with no photos. FREE

Media Auditing Tool The Media Auditing Tool is a quality assurance resource that allows for Lot Service Providers and their field reps to audit their media uploads and remove any substandard work prior to being distributed and marketed on 3rd Party websites. FREE

Media Grading Tool A customized quality assurance tool for Lot Service Providers that randomly selects vehicles to grade individual photos, videos, & 360 Spins in an enlarged view for a specific date range and number of vehicles selected by the user. FREE

Documents Resource Center A one-stop, secure online page that allows for the storage of company policies, procedures, protocol and other documents that can be utilized to manage the flow of information between employers and employees. FREE

Accounting Reports An internal activity tracking mechanism that documents, stores & generates hyper-customized billing, payroll and other pertinent accounting spreadsheets that are formatted to be exportable to a multitude of 3rd Party accounting software providers. FREE
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